Well Known Spices

        There are many spices in the Indian Sub continent.  Well India was known for spices and riches. We talk about spices in Bangladesh.   Radhuni Masla This spice is owned by Square or known for its pharmaceuticals : Square Pharmaceuticals . The following spices are available  from Square: Biryani Masla Beef …

Food Hotels

Our Indian friend’s Food Channel :BayLeaf

Tanveer Arafin is a smart Hotel management Professional working in the Hospitality Management sector for 9 years in India. He along with his professional team of Bayleaf consisting of Rahul Gazi and Suresh. Both team members having extensive experience in the hospitality management in India esp. 5 star hotels.   We form Trail Blazer Solutions  …

Food Islamic Middle East


Iftar is a the breaking of the fast at day break. But Muslims break the fast once the adhan of Maghrib is given (which initially at 6.34 PM and later will increase) . These timings depend on when Ramadan Falls. Since there are no meals during the day the focus is on the iftar or …

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