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There are many spices in the Indian Sub continent.  Well India was known for spices and riches.

We talk about spices in Bangladesh.


Radhuni Masla

This spice is owned by Square or known for its pharmaceuticals :

Square Pharmaceuticals .

The following spices are available  from Square:

  • Biryani Masla
  • Beef Masla
  • Borhani Masla
  • Chicken
  • Chotpoti (spice for a Bengali fast food)
  • Chicken
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Kabab Masla

List of Spices by Radhuni.

These spices are handled by Square Food and Beverage.

The reason people from Bangladesh  are attracted to these spices from Square is because of a previous spice. It is because grey have created quality  pharmaceuticals  which are sold in the international  market.

Rating :4/5.

They have to maintain quality because their name is a brand.


Well wanting to make Biryani ,which  spice to get.

Look no further

Shaan Biryani Mix



This Biryani mix is really wonderful.


Order from or any store in Bangladesh.

It is not all stores have them. They are from Pakistan.

Rice for Biryani


Go buy Mehran Biryani Basmati rice packet.

It is also from Pakistan.

But topping this quality  comes Dehradun rice from India.

It actually comes from Kanpur,India.


Dehradun Rice

Dehradun Rice from Kanpur,India is the best rice for Biryani much better than even Basmati.


The Rice is mainly found in Kanpur,UP,Bangladesh. This rice is found in a place called Dehradun,UP,India.

It is also a type of Basmati Rice.





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