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Top 5 Foods to try in Jeddah

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Well its one the most popular and tasty foods of Saudi Arabia.

The Best time to be Jeddah was in the 80’s. It had Utopian society with food being available at low cost. The rich and poor nearly could afford same food.

What is Kabsha:

It is the Biryani of the Arabs.

How to make it:?



Saudi Arabian Kabsa {Chicken and Rice}

Restaurant to eat in Jeddah: Al seddah

Restaurant website :

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The Situation of CoVID 19 is an awkward situation:


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Order in Dhaka:


Al Amar


Arabian Grill and Platter

Rating 5/5

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Laham Mandi

The Food is said to have originated in Hadramut,Yemen.


Laham Mandi is lamb meat,best is made from Mutton. Very tasty.


Al Amar


Arabian Grill and Platter

Rating 5/5

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If want to tr making at home ,might try spices from Shaan,


Al Baik is a famous restaurant in Jeddah serving Fried Chicken ,Saudi’s Answer to KFC.







Recipe Below




even India has Al Baik:





How to make Al Baik at Home:






This food originated in  Turkey in the Ottoman Empire. The Empire Created by Ertugal Gazi’s Son:Osman Ghazi.

time:18th and 19th Century.


About the food:

It is a type of kabab,made of marinated Mutton or Chicken. Simply Delicious. Don not compare the ones in Desi land. There is huge difference,

The Evolution Of Our Favourite Dish: The Shawarma




Order in Dhaka:

Turkish Bazaar.


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