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Natural Fruits in Bangladesh

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The World we live in any part has some advantages.  We could not chose the place of our birth.

People in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan(IBP) like to think there are no advantages in staying in these countries neither in their Vegetables and Fruits.


In Bangladesh,

Some Moms might say :”Oh here the Fruits are Guava(Peara) , Carmbolas(Kamranga), Jackfruits(Kathal) all low quality Fruits. But in America and Europe they have good fruits like:Apple,Grapes,Straw Berry”.


Actually we go to to Law of Conservation of Energy  Physics:

The Total energy in a system is constant. From Albert Einstein the Law came-E=mc2

So inferring from the above.

In any region, region of Hind.(India).

The Total value lets call it  ESE(call it some thing) . Hey Joule took time.

ESE is :

  • Fruits Value
  • Location
  • Economic Strength Current and in History
  • Physical size of people
  • Language
  • Old age Benefits(by Govt)
  • Family
  • Happiness Index
  • and a list of other parameters


ESE is constant for all regions of the World since The Creator is the Most Just.!

This above is not proven but a theory’ proposed by The Indica Collection– A concept website that protects’ and presents Indian Desi Heritage .

You cannot wish for Mackintosh or Linux benefits in Windows or vice Versa.


In Our Desi(India,Bangladesh and Pakistan) countries :

Following frits are found:

  • Guava
  • Mango
  • Litchi (status as Grapes, Grade A++)
  • Carambola(frowned upon by Bangladeshis as poor man’s fruit. But reality is starfruit is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B Vitamin C,Phosphate,Zinc,Iron ,Magnesium.

Now you get an idea why poor people or less off people have very good immune system. Some People sleep on the railway station of Kamlapur in Dhaka Bangladesh or Howrah in Kolkata.\

Nothing Happens. They are perfectly healthy. Any other person sleeping like me for a night will get diarrhea and what not diseases.


Never thought a refreshing drink could be made from Guava. I would go like hah who wants to eat this fruit…

If scientific study was made on a region

  • Size
  • height of people
  • area people have to walk daily
  • weather
  • earnings
  • etc

Then it would be seen from the study ;the food found are perfectly ok for the individual living there.

The Quran says:

“He causes to grow for you thereby the crops, olives, palm trees, grapevines, and from all the fruits. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.”  [Surah an-Nahl:11]


The conclusion is eat natural fruits in the region you live in. We Desis want US and American benefits living in India or Bangladesh.

Eat Guava ,Mango and do not miss taking them since you want Grapes and Strawberry.


Pakistan is blessed with many Fruits.

Natural food of Bangladesh
JackFruit or Kathal'
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