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Haleem –a common iftar porridge ‘ of the Indian sub continent

Haleem-Middle eastern Porridge

Haleem, what is Haleem? You are wondering what kind of thing it us ? Actually it is a food made of lentil and other spices. The cost is not so much. A good food to make at home. It is really yummy. The food consists of: Wheat,barely,meat,minced meat,lentils. The cooking of this food is slow since it takes several hours. Haleem is a popular food during Ramadan in the South East Asian countries :India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The food is mainly a porridge. It is mixture of wheat and meat in ratio of 1:1 or 1:3. Other spices like lentil,onions,garlic minced pieces ,lemon juice. But now days there is a mix available in supermarkets called Haleem mix. Haleem is said to have come from Middle East but the name was Harees. It was introduced by the Nizam of Hyderabad who had a Yemeni chef who cooked this harees porridge.Or finally from Persia or Iran and went to Saudi Arabia. Harees is said to have documented by Sayyar al Warraq in his book called Kitab al Tabikh (book of recipes.) in the 10 th century. This book is supposed to be the oldest surviving cook book in the world. The recipe is not going to be discussed in this post. So since everybody is in lockdown mode you can try it. The most famous Halim restaurant in Dhaka is Mama Halim in kalabagan. Their facebook page is : In our next recipe post we will cover recipe of Halim. Here is link to a YouTube recipe of Halim by Huma The best is make it at home. [BTEN id=”87″]

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Rubia S, an experienced chef with experience cooking Bengali and Indian cuisine.


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