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Kebab Koobideh

Persia or Iran ,though politically a hotspot zone. But otherwise It is a beautiful country.

It has given civilization like the Persian Empire.

But besides that :

  •    Beautiful Scenery
  •    Beautiful People
  •    Tasty Food
  • Great Scientists

But the transformations to Shia Islam distanced itself from the Muslim mainstream or was forced by the Safavids.

This is not an issue to talk about in this blog as it is related to food.

The Kebabs of Irani cuisine  are really tasty to eat.

It is not like i went there and ate. But ate in Dhaka  in a Persian restaurant.

Kabab Koobideh is usually names of Kababs.

Writing this makes me hungry.

Many of foods like Biryani,Pulao are originally from Persia or Iran. The Mughals brought this into their cuisine called Mughlai Khanna.

Since India ,Bangladesh and Pakistan were one this Mughlai Khanna adopted every body’s version of the foods among the Muslims. The Muslims benefitted getting more food into their Cuisine.

If you are in Dhaka ,Bangladesh you can try out restaurants of ethnic cuisine. In the US you might not get quality Indian/Arab food. It is by immigrants who never cooked in their lives at home. But in US ,they are running very nice Indian Restaurants.

Kabab Kobideh

This was supposed to be from the Caucasus liked by Persian King Naser Uddin Shah.

FOOD and History are all related.


THE THING is I wanna eat, what do ?

Either you can make it at home or eat it in a restaurant in Dhaka.

Caspian Restaurant

These guys not that social(in face book) and expensive

address:101 Gulshan Avenue RM Center 4th floor, above Agora, Dhaka City Bangladesh.

Try the Kababs.




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Author: Deli Moja Admin

A chef with considerable expertise in the hotel industry.

A chef with considerable expertise in the hotel industry.

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