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Lebanese Food In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Arabian food by Delimoja

Lebanon is a country of the Middle east in the Mediterrean.

These people have lot of history better known as the Phoenicians.

Lebanon populations consists of Muslim and Christian mainly.

Some Notable singers from Lebanon  are :


Apart from the personalities Lebanese Food is very well known.

In the Middle East the foods:

  • Shawarma  A pita bread with Chicken or Beef.
  • Musakkil

They are really Delicious .Lebanese restaurants have become very famous and are present lots of places  in parts of the world.

The Lebanese Cuisine

Lot of history in these foods. For about thousand years ,the Lebanese cuisine focused on :

  • herbs
  • spices
  • mint
  • parsley
  • oregano
  • garlic
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon

The Most Popular dishes are :

  • Kibbeh
  • Hummus
  • Manoosh

Kibbeh is made of ground beef and cracked wheat.

The Salads supposed to have originated in mountains of Syria and Lebanon.

Few occupying  powers like the :

  • Ottoman Empire
  • French
  • English


have left their mark on the Lebanese cuisine.

The Ottoman empire left Lambs dishes and French left croissants, pastries to the Lebanese Cuisine.

Some of the dishes from Lebanon:

  • Manakish– Made of Zatar, going to Biblical times.
  • Lebanese Kabsah-rice with Chicken or Beef-Delicious. Should try it
  • Menti/Shish Barak-Central Asian origin, yoghurt drenched meat dumplings
  • Fattet Humus
  • Samke Harra(Spiced Fish)-marinated fish with lemon
  • Moghrabieh or Lebanese Couscous-originated from the Levant(13th Century).
  • Kebab Halabi
  • Kibbeh ARNABIEH-Kibbeh with citrus sauce.
  • Knafeh-Shredded Pastry
  • Spicy rice Pudding

The  Lebanese desserts you should try are:

  • Baklava-sweet type of croissants like.But you have to taste it, and if you were in Middle East you probably should try it.
  • Lebanese Rice Pudding
  • Mamoul
  • Nammoura-cake like dessert :with yoghurt and semolina flour. Topped with almond.
  • Atayef-Middle Eastern version of pancake. Stuffed with cream fillings and topped with nuts.
  • Jazarieh-Carrot preserves.
  • Musakil


Here is Kabsha Recipe:


The Food that I can give guarantee is:

Kabsha—Tried ,it is delicious

Lebanese Fruit Cocktail

French fries with garlic Sauce.


In general Lebanese food are very delicious especially if you from the original source.

In Dhaka ,Bangladesh .

Restaurants in Dhaka, Bangladesh serving Lebanese food:

  1. Attin– I have tried their food. Nice ,liked their lamb Kabsha..but I would not say have the original taste of Middle East but delicious. It is more like Bengali version of Lebanese Restaurant. The owner had experience in working in Saudi Arabia in Lebanese /Arab restaurants. After all Chinese restaurants surviving Chinese food are Bengali version of Chinese food.  If its 100 percent Chinse lot Dhaka people might not be so eager.

Face Book:




2.Al Amar restaurant in Dhanmondi ,Dhaka is quite tasty . I would recommend it. Located in the Meena Bazar building at Dhanmondi 27. One of the best. But I would say it it is expensive.


Address:275/D, Rangs Nasim Square, 4th Floor, 27 Dhanmondi, Road No.16, Dhaka 1209


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This is located in Unimart building in Gulshan.They have authentic lebanese food. I can vouch for it since have tried it. They are building another restaurant in Banani. The owner is Lebanese businessman and the chef is also Lebanese. Run by Bangladeshi management.

Face book:

The Mix Platter would be the best if you are trying Lebanese food at this restaurant for first time.


I have rated it in perspective of Lebanese food in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.(grew up there)

Address: Gulshan Centre Point,Unimart. Rd 90,Gulshan 2.,Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Unimart is an UK style supermarket.






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A chef with considerable expertise in the hotel industry.

A chef with considerable expertise in the hotel industry.

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