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Sandesh and other Bengali Sweets

Sandesh Sweets or Desserts Commonly known as Misti’ in Bengali. Or Sweets ,not the sweets you would think of. Misti are type of desserts ,popular...
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Lebanese Food In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lebanon is a country of the Middle east in the Mediterrean. These people have lot of history better known as the Phoenicians. Lebanon populations consists...
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Kebab Koobideh

Persia or Iran ,though politically a hotspot zone. But otherwise It is a beautiful country. It has given civilization like the Persian Empire. But besides...
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Arcopal and Pyrex:Dinnerware popular among Desi & American Housewives

Arcopal and Pyrex:Dinnerware popular among Desi & American Housewives We all love Food. Delicious food,that is. But we disregard some times presentation. There are some...
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Haleem –Middle eastern and Indian Porridge

Haleem –a common iftar porridge ‘ of the Indian sub continent   Haleem, what is Haleem? You are wondering what kind of thing it us...
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Al Baik -The Famous Restaurant Chain for Broasted Chicken

Al Baik   What is Al Baik? It is actually name of a restaurant chain located in Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia. They are famous for selling...
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Watermelon and Chocolate Juice with a Spritz of Lime

Making peri-peri is inconceivably simple: pop everything into the blender, press the catch and you’re finished. A portion of the peri-peri sauce goes into the...