Mustard ‘Rui’ Fish Curry — A Bengali fish dish for Fish Lovers

  The Rui fish or Labeo rohita is a species  of Fish found in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Srilanka.The thing with fishes is that Bengali people from Bangladesh and India both enjoy fish. Whilst Non Bengalis from both India and Pakistan do not like fish that much. The fish is silver coloured and at maximum weights...

Milliz Chicken Gravy

This is a Chicken Gravy from Bangladesh for the occasion for Ramadan. 0

Chicken Masala

This is a delicious Chicken Masala recipe which is popular  in Bangladesh. 0

Manchurian Chicken

This is a Chinese recipe which you can make in your home. I remember eating Manchurian Prawn in  Kolkata for 25 Rupees.This why while in Dhaka thought to make Manchurian Chicken. The origin of the recipe is that it was made by a third generation  Chinese chef in India by name of Nelson Wang. He...