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Sandesh and other Bengali Sweets

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Sweets or Desserts

Commonly known as Misti’ in Bengali. Or Sweets ,not the sweets you would think of.

Misti are type of desserts ,popular in Bengal. Though you take it after meal or at any time in afternoon, evening are made of Chana’.

Chana’ or Chenna’ was introduced by the Portuguese. The Portuguese came to Bengal around 1500’s and gave the name of Ugolim to Hooghly. A district of West Bengal.

They had a fight with Mughals after they violated some clause of treaties ..which they lost.

They made a church in Hooghly in 1571. Commonly known as Bandel Church.

Hooghly is located 50 KM from Calcutta or Kolkata.

The Portuguese introduced cottage cheese to Bengal or Chenna.

The Bengalis after a 100 years figure how to make a good sweet item or Misti’ out of it.

Misti or sweets are traditional food. The makers of these sweets pass on the knowledge to their sons and so forth.

Both India ,Bangladesh share the State of Bengal.  The same people ,so lot of common tradition amongst themselves.

Including making sweets.

Making Misti is an art.

In Bengal there are some tradional art professionals which are done with devotion and done with family members involved. They pass this know how to their children who usually take over the business.

The people who make this Misti are called Moira.

Their sons and descendants usually carried out the same business . a moira’s son became moira.

Some of the types of Mistis are :

  • Rosogolla’ These sweets are very sweet ,you have to get use to eating them.
  • Sondesh
  • Misti Doi or Sweet Yoghurt
  • Pantua’
  • Kheer Kodom
  • Son Papri

Here is recipe for Misti Doi.

This item can be considered as dessert since it is eaten after lunch meal or Dinner. Make sure they are heavy meals.


The people who made a name for themselves and business in Bengali Sweets:

  • Bhola Nath Modak
  • Surjo Modak
  • Kalidas Modak
  • Girish Chondra Dey from Hooghly District.
  • Makhan Lal Das


Visiting Kolkata do not miss eating mistis from well known sweet shop:



Esplanade ,Kolkata,West Bengal, India.

A company making misti in Canada called Premium Sweets


These guys sell also in  United States.

Some Sweets you ought to try when you are in Kolkata or Bangladesh The art of misti traditionally belong to Bengali Hindus. It is their family business.

There is a fight ‘ over which statte owns Rosogolla’ intellectually.

If you want modern, cool place to try out Mistis in Kolkata,

Then place is Misti Hub.

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A chef with considerable expertise in the hotel industry.

A chef with considerable expertise in the hotel industry.

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