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The Pizza Story by an Asian


In this lock down .CoVID-19 situation is lot of things to learn. Especially Food. A good food would be Pizza. Spelled Pizza ,pronounced petes’ a.   So in this post the go the see the Pizza story.   Pizza goes to the City Of Naples,Italy. Naples was founded in 600 BC, and in 1600-1700 was a thriving city. The people of Naples wanted in expensive food to prepared very quickly. Maybe that was beginning concept of Pizza.   King Umberto and Queen   Margarita Visited  Naples in 1889. They wanted to eat something and headed to the Pizzeria Brandi,The oldest Pizzeria in Italy. After Covid if you want to vist Italy: Pizzeria Brandi Salita S. Anna di Palazzo, 1/2, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy   The couple liked having Pizza.The Queenliked Pizza Mozarella with some combination. It later on became  pizza Margherita.   The best Pizza in town: Cheez It!     Dhaka,Bangladesh. Located in Basundhara.


As I speak,my mouth is watery and getting hungry.   The other favorite is Bella Italia  which is

based in Gulshan,Dhaka,Bangladesh.    THey have real taste some whta different from other pizzas.   For Kolkata Look no Further. Not even Dominoes    Don Giovanni

For Kolkata Look no Further. Not even Dominoes    Don Giovanni at Park street.   Have a look at  for a review. They are Indian Directory for West Bengal.   The recipe should be coming soon for a Bangladeshi /Indian style of pizza.   Travel lovers waiting to travel especially to India for Medical and Travel might experience Pizza in Kolkata.

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Rubia S, an experienced chef with experience cooking Bengali and Indian cuisine.

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